god-tier flashing

your name is JOHN EGBERT and you are NOT A PERVERT, dammit! you just like a NICE BREEZE around your bits. (which is always possible when you DO THE WINDY THING.)

sometimes you think you should stop being so careless: it might have been ACCEPTABLY DERPABLE when you were, like, THREE YEARS OLD, but now you can get a slap on the wrist for INDECENT EXPOSURE. but then you remember that you can DO THE WINDY THING and streak fly off into the horizon!

until anyone is capable of capturing you, your PALHONCHO EXHIBITION OF FREEDOM continues. :B

[[warning: ooc!john/RP-askblog for the dysfunctstuck family. also, probably nudity and definitely style inconsistency. heehee.]]
~ Sunday, July 17 ~

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